40 years of Shan-non-na

Mindreader, Ten High
Take it Off, The Donnas
Girl you have Magic…, Outrageous Cherry
Indifference, Moby Grape
Knock ’em Out, Lily Allen
Soul Sucker, Sirsy
I Still Believe, Michelle DiAngelis
Sara Smile, Sara Wasserman w/Vernon Reid
Summertime, Morcheeba (live)
Sweet Life, Karen Gibson Roc
Messin’ Around, the Ramblers
Rough & Ready, the Ramblers
It Takes Two to Make Love, the Termites
Only Love Let’s Celebrate, Perry Farrells Satellite Party
Como MS, Cashman
Yes We Can Can, Davis Cohen
Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Stew Cutler
Jammer Time, Akaschic Record
**Conversation w/Beau Sasser of Akaschic Record**
Tune for Lou, Akaschic Record
NOrleans, Dr. Lonnie Smith
Creepin’ Poogie Bell Band
Power of Soul, Marcus Miller
Carried Away, Bassnectar
Into my Soul, Gabin feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater
Sweet Melody, Zap Mama
Ready to Ride, the Bomb Squad
**Conversation with Brenna Gethers of the Bomb Squad**
True Thang, the Bomb Squad
Gemini, the Bomb Squad
Space Rooster, Cosmic Farm
Sometimes, Johnny Katchoolik
Kumala, Michael Jost & the Dragonfly Project
the Constitution, Rufus Harley
Fanfare for the House of Panorama, Hermetic Science
Yulia, Stratospheerius

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