Top Of The Bottle To You

The first portion of the proGram had a strange eyed view of something usually seen from a different way.

Can’t Get Enough- Ben Davis Jr.
Best Kind Of Trouble- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners
Tush- Alex Lopez

greenarrowradio promo- Delbert McClinton
No Chicken On The Bone- Delbert McClinton the Self-Made Men + Dana
Let’s Get Down Like We Used To- Delbert McClinton the Self-Made Men + Dana
Down at the Barrelhouse- Bruce Katz

Wonky- Reverend Horton Heat
**pre-recorded conversation with Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath**
Perfect- Reverend Horton Heat
Got It In My Pocket- Reverend Horton Heat
Bill’s Mandolin- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Hymn For A Droid- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
3:30 Psychosis- Spike Fuck
Renaissance Man- 26 Reds

Reverend Horton Heat Is the Pulse of Rock-n-Roll

By day, Jim Heath is a mild-mannered musical historian well-versed in the birthing days of rock and roll. But when the sun goes down, he straps on his signature Gretsch 6120, steps up to the mike and is transformed into REVEREND HORTON HEAT, a hellfire-spewing, rock and roll dare-demon. Jim’s tome is iconic: From recording with Lemmy Kilmister, being revered by country music legends like Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, touring with Soundgarden, ZZ Top, The Cramps, Social Distortion, White Zombie and the Sex Pistols, to providing touring opps to upstarts Kyuss, Hank III, Marilyn Manson and countless others across decades on the road. “This tour started around 1986,” Heath chuckles dryly. REVEREND HORTON HEAT still performs nearly 200 shows annually, including their trademark Horton’s Hayride Festival in Southern California, which has expanded to an end-of-the-year jamboree under the name Horton’s Holiday Hayride. The band has also wowed sold-out crowds with their multi-city residencies across America, including performances at Coachella, Reading, Austin City Limits, Riot Fest. The Texas troubadours also took a unique approach to the term ‘Special Guests’ on recent tours. Recalling the time the band opened for Jerry Lee Lewis, Heath had a vision, “The idea of playing in Jerry’s backing band would have been pretty neat. So every once in a while we’ll have a load of fun putting that aspect in our live set. In the middle of our set, we’ll have a special guest come on stage for a mini-set where REVEREND HORTON HEAT is the backing band. The first time we did it was with Lemmy Kilmister. We stopped our set midway, the road crew dragged a Marshall amp on stage, wiped the Rickenbacker clean and out came Lem. He was adamant on playing deep cuts, but I fought tooth and nail with him to do ‘Ace Of Spades.’ I told him, ‘Lemmy, we must do this song, we have to give the people want they want.’ He took a drag of his smoke, looked me square in the eye, and said ‘Never give them what they want, give them what they need!’” With over 1 million albums sold and nearly 35 years in the game, Heath and company have been delivering blood-pressure inducing scriptures to millions of fans worldwide. Call it rock and roll, psychobilly or what have you, REVEREND HORTON HEAT is often considered an early architect of the latter genre (at least on this side of the Atlantic) and occupies a peculiar place in American musical terrain.

I had the privilege of talking with Jim ahead of the August 15th show at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. We get into the scene we should be seen at in Madison, the new comers in the band as well as the making of the groups latest record, “Whole New Life”, on Victory Records. It is a thrill to hear Jim talk about how the album got off the ground…..finally and how the making of the music for him never really changes, it’s what he does. Jim speaks on how fear motivates him. It was so cool to hear him talk about the vision for the sound of this release, and how he believes they are working every day and night to keep the rock and roll many of us knew once, moving forward with a strong pulse. I truly feel that the music Jim has made all these years is instrumental in many of the careers of the new kids on the rock and roll block, an they might not even know it yet.

Dobet Gnahoré Unites Open Minds In Madison

Africa has its internationally acclaimed female voices and the voice of Dobet Gnahoré has made its mark there. With her latest release, “MIZIKI”, the voice of the multi-talented Ivorian singer resonates African sounds mixed with samples of electronic music, a subtle blend revealing a musical style which echoes her own character – freedom. The freedom to make a fifth album in which modernity feeds on tradition and heritage. Inspired by her travels all around the world (more than 800 concerts since 2004), Dobet shares a new and hitherto unsuspected side of her personality. It took four years to compose “MIZIKI”, probably her boldest, most personal album and one which pays homage to the two principal causes she supports: a rich, generous and unified Africa and the strength of African women. In her words and on stage, Dobet, the standard-bearer of a new generation of daring and determined Africans, celebrates the valiant and kind woman. Dobet loves the music of Africa (Yemi Alade, Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie) but is equally enthusiastic about Björk or Christine and all the other “Queens”. Faithful to the languages of Africa – Côte d’Ivoire has 72 dialects – for this album – possibly her best yet – she concentrates on Bété, her mother tongue. Dobet has definitely reached a turning point and has left labels behind to express her frankest and most sincere emotion more precisely. “I want to make people dream while remaining a free artist”.

I had the honor of chatting with Dobet ahead of her August 15th concert, “The Dobet Gnahore Select Session” part of The Sessions at McPike Park 2019 and her August 16th event at the North Street Cabaret. Dobet and I get into what her audiences can expect once she and er group hit the stage. We talk about her hope for a strong and powerful African woman and the goal of assisting with uniting Africa as one. She shares with me how her latest album, her baby, “MIZIKI” went from a thought to a movement.

You And Sky

The final portion of the proGram found the beauty in and above all of us:

Ben Seawell Teenage Frolics (Instrumental Mix)- Ben Seawell Ft. Henry Butler & Seamus Blake
You Ain’t Gotta Run From It- Ben Seawell Ft. Leo Nocentelli, Amp Fiddler & Gabriel Gordon
You & Me- Tuxedo
OMW- Tuxedo Ft. Leven Kali & Battlecat

Jerzy’s Samba- Same Speed Edits
Where I’m From- G&D

Catch Your Wave- The Elovaters Ft. Organically Good Trio
Enamorado Yo Estoy- Cuñao
Overture- Mwenso & the Shakes
Big Spender- Mwenso & the Shakes

Run!- Satoko Fujii
Orange Coals- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Resurrection- SPAGA

Split Nut

The middle portion of the proGram knew what day it was and split the nuts down the middle:

I Don’t Wanna Stop (Strings Version)- The Bamboos
This Love, Part 1- Bobby Oroza Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink
Paint Me in a Corner- Nicole Willis Ft. The Soul Investigators
This is What Love Looks Like!- Carlton Jumel Smith Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink

Mamacita- Dojo Cuts Ft. Roxie Ray
Life’s Begun- Baby Charles
Mary’s Corner- Ikebe Shakedown
The Witness- Ikebe Shakedown

Sacred Sounds- Philip Bailey Ft. Kamasi Washington & Robert Glasper
Listen- Pieces Of A Man
Lou’s House- Eric Harland/Josh Giunta/Dan Rovin/Kaleta Leon Ligan-Majek & Timothy Robinson
Party People- The Live Wire

Glass Wings Fly Sharp

The first portion of the regularly scheduled proGram took flight in the mosaic skies:

Trying To Love- We Banjo 3 (live)
Sinful- Alex Lopez Ft. Ellie Carr
Zakary- Heather Newman Band
His Soul- Heather Newman Band
Shake- Moonshine Society
Use Me on Gilded Splinter- Moonshine Society
Broke Ass Man- Mz Sumac

Hit And Run Lover- James Newman
Red Tide- Freddie Roulette
Middle Class Moan- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners

greenarrowradio promo- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers
You Better Run- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers

Across The Pond- Craig Baumann and the Story
Switchup- Southern Avenue
The Tea I sip- Southern Avenue

Moth In The Past

Did a little pre-show proGram with a focus on where wings can take you day or night.

You Never Can Tell- Lyn Stanley (live)
Proverbs of Ashes- Brad Mehldau

Always Something There To Remind Me- Charles Owens Trio
Karma Jones- Victor Gould Ft. Godwin Louis/Jeremy Pelt/Dayna Stephens/Rodney Green/Vicente Archer
Tuyo (Narcos Theme)- David Finck
I Hear A Rhapsody- Luke Gillespie

Past Lives- Mike Clark (live at the Iridium)
Straight No Chaser- Mike Clark (live at the Iridium)
A Major Seventh Stew- Patrick Butler
For the Go Go- Lafayette Gilchrist
Happy Birthday Sucka- Lafayette Gilchrist

A Baptist Beat- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Mag’s Groove- Akiko Hamilton Dechter
Hearing Around Corners- Tim Ries
Amor Ate O Fim- Tim Ries

To The Tip Top

The final portion of this week’s proGram was built from the top down….or with a top down.

Don’t Cry Now- Kaidi Tatham
Sugar- Kaidi Tatham

Energy Boost- Boca 45 Ft. Emskee
Bryan Munich Theme- Boca 45
Open Minds- Boca 45
Rocket Fuel- DJ Shadow Ft. De La Soul
Hercules- Common Ft. Swizz Beatz

Ma Mamuso- Sangit Ft. Kadi Coulibaly
Nwaye- Malou Beauvoir
Walking Down- Moken
Identité- KOKOKO!

New School- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Slipping into Darkness- The Senior Allstars Ft. Ammoye
Longing For Home- Desert Dwellers

Sprinkles Of Life

The middle portion of this week’s proGram remembered how we get to keep on going:

Back of the Bus (Interlude)- Pieces Of A Man
Lady & John Coltrane- Pieces Of A Man Ft. Amp Fiddler
We’re A Winner- Phillip Bailey Ft. Bilal

Everything’s Better In The Summertime- Nick Pride & The Pimptones
Summalove- Third Coast Kings
Gabriel’s Groove- Tuxedo Ft. Gabriel Garzón-Montano
If U Want It- Tuxedo

Not Another Drop- Ikebe Shakedown
Hammer Into Anvil- Ikebe Shakedown
No Going Back- Ikebe Shakedown

Stage Whisper- Nineteen Thirteen
Candy Necklace- Nineteen Thirteen

Peace Reprise- Circles Around The Sun & Joe Russo
Creed- SPAGA

Muppet Flowers

The first portion of this week’s proGram thought it would tell you how to get…how to get to:

Little Liza Jane- We Banjo 3 (live)
Thoroughbreds- Bill Bloomer

Hen Layin’ Rooster- Dr. John Ft. BB. King/Gatemouth Brown
Lay My Burden Down- Dr. John Ft. Mavis Staples & Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Take It Easy- Freddie Roulette
Let’s Buzz- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners
Can I Boogie- Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners

Seven Day Fool- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers
**pre-recorded conversation with Mindi Abair**
Movin’ On- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers
Baby Get It On- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers

Agent of Kaos- Mama SpanX
Flat Palm Avenue- The Lewis Express
Until You’re Mine- Wanda Felicia Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink
I’m Still a Man- Willie West Ft. Cold Diamond & Mink

Talkin’ No Good Deed With Mindi Abair

One of the most recognized and sought-after saxophonists/vocalists, two-time GRAMMY nominee and friend of the proGram, Mindi Abair has been electrifying audiences with her dynamic live performances and utter command of the saxophone since her debut album in 2000. No one since Junior Walker has brought saxophone and vocals in one package to the forefront of modern music, with a raucous tone and dynamic stage presence. She has garnered ten #1 radio hits, six Top 5 solo records and two #1 spots on the Billboard album charts. In 2014, Mindi received her first GRAMMY® nomination in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category, followed by a 2015 GRAMMY® nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for her solo LP featuring Gregg Allman, Joe Perry, Trombone Shorty, Booker T. Jones, Keb’ Mo’, and Max Weinberg. Constantly evolving her sound, in 2014, after two seasons as the featured saxophonist on the hit series American Idol, Mindi released “Wild Heart”. This LP showcased a compilation of grittier rock and soul tracks featuring some of the biggest names in music. To help translate this sound to her live shows, Mindi enlisted longtime friend and The Boneshakers founder Randy Jacobs (Bonnie Raitt, Was Not Was, Willie Nelson) to inject his brand of Detroit Blues Rock. The collaboration was undeniable, and it lead to an almost immediate decision to join forces creatively. Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers features band leader Mindi Abair (Saxophone, Vocals), Randy Jacobs (Guitar, Vocals), Rodney Lee (Keys), Ben White (Bass, Vocals), and Third Richardson (Drums, Vocals). A couple more albums in and now there’s a brand new album from Mindi & them Boneshakers for us all to enjoy.

I had the pleasure of catching up with our pal Mindi to get an insiders view into the creation of the 2019 release “No Good Deed”, the brand new album with the Boneshakers that certainly has the feel of a shared musical language that only some manage to speak. We get into how the album came toGether to a point where I get to spin it proudly for the listeners. We talk about some of what has been filling her time since last we hung out and we find out which song off the new release Mindi would choose to build a set-list around, and what she would add to fill our ears with some boneshaking goodness. I hope to find a way to bring Mindi to Madison, but if she and the band are anywhere close to you, it will always be worth it to go and check that show out.

Mindi Abair

Puzzle Plantings

The final portion of this week’s proGram had the natural ability to piece itself together.

Likolo- KOKOKO!
Tonga’a- KOKOKO!

Muziqaui Silt- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Get Ready- The Senior Allstars Ft. Ammoye
Why Can’t We Live Together- The Senior Allstars Ft. Ammoye

Xalapa Bang- Villalobos Brothers
Chiquitita- Villalobos Brothers
24 de marzo (Día de la Memoria)- Che Apalache
The Wall- Che Apalache

Requinto- Itamar Erez
Mi Alegría- Itamar Erez

Bam Bam- Karate Boogaloo
Soul On Top- Boca 45 Ft. Louis Baker
Firecracker- Ironbelly Ft. Ammoye

Alasya and the Train Tracks- Nate Kohrs

Drip Orange

The middle portion of the proGram melted a little in the Summertime…right into your ears:

Now That You Got Me- Dr. John
Stomp Your Feet- The Lewis Express
Out From The Rock- The Lewis Express

Brooklyn Blues- Philip Bailey
Once In A Lifetime- Phillip Bailey
Scorpio Walk- Ernie Hawkes Ft. The Soul Investigators
Bad Education- Bardo Martinez Ft. The Soul Investigators
Lost Lost Lost- Pratt & Moody

Ponder This- LowDown Brass Band
**Pre-recorded conversation with Shane Jonas of LowDown Brass Band**
We Dem Boys- LowDown Brass Band
Teenage Frolic- Ben Seawell Ft. Henry Butler & Seamus Blake
Take It To The Bridge- Dream Shanti Ft. Roy “Futureman” Wooten
Oubladi- Godtet Ft. Mariam Sawires
Zawinul- Godtet

Port Koma- Koma Saxo
This Simulation Is a Good One- Nate Mercereau

Ground Floor Push

The first portion of the proGram made sure to hit the button where the only way left is up:

You’ve Got Me and I’ve Got You- Josh Lovelace
Traveling Band (When I Grow up)- Josh Lovelace
Lonely People- Bill Bloomer
Arrowhead & Porcupine Claw- Chuck Hawthorne

Shine On- We Banjo 3 (live)
Trouble Brewin’- Mark Cameron
Mr. Smith- Delbert McClinton and Self Made Men + Dana
I Should’ve- Keb’ Mo’
Mess I’m In- Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers

Secrets To Getting Off (My Lawn)- Jackie and the Treehorns
Make It To The Party- The Hollywood Stars
All The Birds- Pinky Pinky
Proto Prototype- L7
End Of History- Bad Religion

Givin’ You The LowDown Brass Band

LowDown Brass Band deftly synthesizes the gritty sounds of Chicago with the high energy street beat of the Crescent City. LDB brandishes a powerful brass frontline of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, with a funky backline of drums and sousaphone. Combining the poetic ferocity of Billa Camp with stellar vocal harmonies, adventurous improvisation, movement, and grooves, LDB creates an infectious and diverse sound that has something for every listener. Fresh off their headlining set at The 2018 Montreal Jazz Festival, LowDown maintains a constant performing and touring schedule throughout North America. Recent performances include the Lagunitas Beer Circus, Chicago Jazz Fest, Friendly Gathering, Alaska’s Salmon Fest, Chicago’s Do-Division Fest, Wakarusa, Cotai Jazz Fest, and a annual residency at Shoe Fest. Following an ambitious project titled LowDown Sounds, that included a critically acclaimed cameo by Roy Ayers on the track “Everybody Loves The Sunshine”, LowDown Brass Band is now touring their 2018 hip hop release titled LowDown Breaks featuring MC Billa Camp. This new record steps deeper into refining their unique sound, combining hip hop breaks with live soul samples and deep cut grooves.

I had the chance to catch up with Shane Jonas, singer/trumpeter and one of the songwriters of LowDown Brass Band ahead of their end of July and early August run in Wisconsin, starting with the July 31st show at The Shitty Barn Sessions. Shane and I go through the who’s and what’s of the group gearing people who might not know them up for checking them out. We talk about the differences of process from when the band first started to the very new single that just dropped in June. The growth is obvious to those who have known about them for a bit. Shane also builds a set-list starting off with that brand new single “We Dem Boys” and the results are gonna make the fun in your funk jump for joy.

Just For The Shell Of It

The final portion of this week’s proGram left behind where it once was, to get to where we are going next:

Mariana Trench- The Black Seeds
Everybody Knows (Deep Fried Dub Remix)- The Black Seeds
Club DZ- Acid Arab
The OG- A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear
Collie Stuff- The Senior Allstars Ft. Ammoye

Widowmaker (Max Paparella’s Remix)- Five Alarm Funk
Freight Train (Dirty Dan’s Tunnel Vision Remix)- Five Alarm Funk

Don’t Wait, Right Now- Lowdown Brass Band
Tied Up- Moon Boots Ft. Steven Klavier
Final Form- Sampa The Great
OMG- Sampa The Great

The Devil’s Warning (interlude)- Maneka
Mixer- Maneka
Oopdie Oop (Jazz)- Maneka

Voices In My Head- Dr. John

Animal Plant

The middle portion of the proGram does not seem to distinguish between this or that:

Ridin’ On A Train- Keb’ Mo’
Sometime- Mavis Staples

Look Out- Dr. John
I Like’s That- Skeebo Knight
So Fine- Sol
Cloud 99- Sol
Tell You a Story- Sol
Game of Life- Bubby Lewis Ft. Brandon Coleman & Joe Otis
Live It Up (Hot Sauce)- LowDown Brass Band
Yoruba- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
***pre-recorded conversation with Aaron Feder of Alma Afrobeat Ensemble***
Own World- Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
Retro Africa- Moken
Tricks- Jahriffe
Conquer The Lion Dub- Jahriffe

Still Leaf Drop

The first portion of the proGram had a drop to stand still, with the movement inside:

Earthly Sensations- Bill Bloomer
Broken Good- Chuck Hawthorne
Time’s Changin’-Larry Keel (live)
Ain’t That Good news- Larry Keel
Prettiest Little Girl- We Banjo 3 (live)

Dicey- Mark Cameron
So Cold- Zac Harmon

Rat Trap- Scrapomatic
Can’t Get Up- Delbert McClinton the Self-Made Men + Dana
Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That- Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Thrill Of it- Robert Randolph & The Family Band
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished- Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers
Too Hot To Handle- The Hollywood Stars
Flippy In My Red Dress- The Dollyrots
Oblivious- The Dollyrots
I Love You Instead- The Dollyrots

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble to Close out Atwoodfest

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble was founded in Chicago in 2003 by guitarist Aaron Feder. In 2006 Aaron made a move to Barcelona in search of a different sound for the band. He quickly found a group of international members, from all continents of the globe. In a short time the band was reformed and headlined the Fiestizaje music and arts festival in 2008. The band then set about recording their first studio album, Toubab Soul which was released in 2010. Shortly afterwards, they released the remix album, Toubab Resouled, and opened the world music festival Cruilla de Cultures with Konono No 1. The story has many twists and turns along the way, but now in 2019, they have a brand new self released album, “Monkey See, Monkey Do” out and the growth from those beginning is continuing to expand their sounds and styles. Which brings us to the Summer of 2019.

I had the chance to chat with Aaron ahead of Alma Afrobeat Ensemble’s set closing out this year’s Atwoodfest in Madison, Wisconsin on Sunday, July 28th. We get into what people can expect from this band now based in Barcelona, and how lucky Madison is to have them finally get here. Aaron has been trying for years and fortunately, Atwoodfest was able to get the stars to aliGn. We go seed to flower on the new release, “Monkey See, Money Do”, and while not a completely politically charged album, it does speak in a socially aware tongue and groove. I wanted to let people get a feel for the type of person Aaron is so we find out what had been floating his personal boat these days, as well as the set-list he would program, starting with which one off their new album he’d go with, for the listeners if given 45 minutes or so of the show.

Almost Free For Flight

The final portion of this week’s proGram was almost ready to fly away to where it needs to go:

Anchin- Tommy T Ft. Mahmoud Ahmed
Modern Man- Rocky Dawuni
Iko Kreyol (79rs Gang Version)- Lakou Mizik & 79rs Gang
Malembe- KOKOKO!
Africa Unite- Bholoja

Orquídea- Quantic Ft. Sly5thAve
Linked- Bonobo
Burning Forest- Lil Fish
Plume- Caravan Palace

Unstoppable (Fat Beats)- Sebastian Fraye
Wild (Fire)- Sebastian Fraye
Traversing the Endless Road- Desert Dwellers
Windmill (Chocolate Orb Dubbed Mix)- Sandelica

Hallelujah- Melbreeze Ft. Scott Kinsey, Jimmy Haslip, Gary Novak & Arto Tuncboyaciyan