You best be Duckin’

The first part of the proGram started off with New Flute Music from South America into some psychedelia…Washed it down byt the river with some rocks and rolls and then got deep into the blues and look out, watch it…Duck:

Invitación al Danzón- Susan Palma Nidel Ft. Edward Arron/Jaewon Park
Vivo- Susan Palma Nidel Ft. E. Arron/Chico Pinheiro/Cyro Baptista
Sweet Honey Bee- Real Vocal String Quartet

Gimme Some Truth- Jakob Dylan/Dhani Harrison
Respect- the Vagrants
It’s a Happening- Magic Mushrooms
Like a King- Ben Harper
The Silence- Los Cenzontles
I Don’t Wanna Grow up- Tom Waits
God, Country, Grave- Mutts
Daddy Roll ‘Em- Richie Havens

the Rest of the Night- Warren Zevon
Western Plain- Van Morrison
Digging my Potatoes- the Muddy Waters Band
Hound Dog- Macy Gray (live)
Coming Home- Bonnie Raitt (live)
Space Race- Tall Paul Band
Hard Luck Woman- Chris Watson Band
Biscuit Boogie- Memphis Gold
Bootliggin’ the Blues- Leo Hull
Doin’ Hard Time- Dave Fields Ft. Joe Lewis Walker

None of us are Free- Solomon Burke

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