Vieux Farka Toure rocks the Iron Horse

Last night was something special. We arrived early and caught the sound check, which produced one of the coolest and most original guitar jam of the evening…and there were many. We met up with other journalists and discussed Vieux and his father but mostly the home country to them, Mali. The green room was the spot for our conversation. We shared laughter and languages, handshakes and with some heritage, it was as real as the very earth we stand on. The guys at Modiba Productions are doing this tour right. They are a team of people, treating each other and us as family and it really hits you when they are on stage. The crowd was to the back walls and as you looked around they were smiling from thirsty earhole to thirsty earhole, most containing the urge for dancing until the end of the show…oh, this music makes you dance like no one is watching. Vieux was filled with energy and enthusiasm as always on stage and off. Many tracks of his new self titled release are featured during the show, and there are some surprises also. Many of the people in attendance walked away with their copy, I suggest you find yours. O.K….LET’S GO!!

vieux 0141.jpg

Also, check out the first music video in Vieux’s career.

produced by Andrea Wozny

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