Victah Victah Victah

Last Night at the Barrymore, Victor Wooten and his band kept the smiles wide with a soulful-funked up-jazzified-bass-thumpin’ “school is in session” romp into our musical imaginations. There are times when I listen to Victor play when I feel like I am listening to a familiar tale, like a children’s rhyme I recall from years gone by and other moments…well, its like the earth is quakin’-n-thumpin’ in directions never sensed before. That certainly was true last night. When you come to town with a guitarist like ” the Teacher” Regi Wooten, the streets of style matched with sound creation have yet to be paved, but man does he start trailblazing right before your eyes. There are moments of fantastic drumming effects that have to be seen and not told. “The Voice” Saundra Williams brought that sexy and soulful element to a show where sounds kept tempting and taunting……what lurks around the next corner…….bass solo!! This was another one of those shows that I had high hopes for..and I am elated that once again those expectations have been exceeded.

Don’t forget about Victor’s Bass/Nature camps.

My conversation with Victor.


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