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the Radiators closing it all up is always the right way to end a summer festival. The set was rockin’ as only the the number one party band on earth would have it….The Radiators jammed out to a crowd that was soulfully deep and numerically nice and deep. Giving us some tracks off the new album, which I discussed with bassist Reggie Scanlan live on the show, the mix of songs had dancing feet smiling and Madison had a big wide grin wrapped around it. I have a pal who has seen the Radiators over 50 times and this was the show he was able to bring his young boys to as their very first..i think they made out just fine. The first show I caught on Sunday was Feufollet and they were followed by Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole. I really got the feeling Cedric Watson enjoys playing and sometimes doesn’t want to stop…he is one of the most noted young talents to emerge in Cajun or Creole music in the past few years, Cedric Watson is a fiddler, vocalist, accordionist and songwriter of seemingly unlimited potential. Born in 1983, Cedric grew up in San Felipe, Texas surrounded by the sounds of blues, old soul, country and zydeco. Wherever he goes he is sure to combine all his musical flay-vas into an incredible gumbo of Creole laced goodness, that you’ll want those seconds and thirds. Feufollet is a steady progressing Cajun band that is surrounding itself in the now of Cajun music and making a name for themselves as one can easily tell by the places they are being invited to play…..

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