Tommy Emmanuel Tonight

What can I say that I haven’t already said in regards to Tommy Emmanuel? The person I believe Tommy is makes him wonderful, the acoustic innovation of mammoth (extra fingers?) proportion makes him special – couple those two beings together and you walk away within awe. Tommy’s spirit takes his guitar art to new levels that leave people damn happy. This night at the Majestic in Madison had that magic, that spirit and Tommy’s guitars are being talked about by many of those first timers in audience. There are always so many highlights and most people have their own so I will share just one insight as for this evening—the sit down 70’s product of Michelle by the Beatles was edgy and altering, and for that I am thankful. Opening the evening was Anthony Snape, who played himself a nice acoustic sound with a crooners vocals to compliment, a nice billing indeed.

Thanks to Gina for making it possible.

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