the WOLFGANG by E. Van Halen

Dutch/American rock star Eddie Van Halen has managed to create a new indestructible guitar with bosses of a top medical tool company. The Wolfgang, which has been named after Van Halen’s son and his band mate, features custom-made stainless steel frets and metal accessories. And Van Halen knows that his new instrument is unbreakable, because he tried to trash it on the last tour. “During the last show, I actually tried to break a Wolfgang, and it wouldn’t break. I picked it up and I couldn’t break the damn thing. I threw it up in the air, and later put it out in the rain. I picked it up half an hour later, and it was still in tune. It p**sed me off,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling CNN. The price for Van Halen’s new guitar has been set at 3,000 dollars. I personally wonder what unique sounds this “Super Hero” of guitars can offer, since you would never need another guitar again if it won’t bust up….also, how will this machine adapt to the advances of the near future and beyond?


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