The Nocturnal MULE in Mad-City

Vermont-based rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened up for Gov’t Mule on Tuesday night, this is where the story begins. Smart opening acts cannot be talked about enough. The stage was left on fire by Miss Potter & the Nocturnal ones with a rockin’ rhythmic percussion colliding with the roll of thunder from an appreciating audience. The approach to their music is as old fashioned as a proper root beer float but as timeless as those great songs are. Yeah, I said great. This is one act to catch, bring a glove or a paper sack, whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss a set of musicians made to play music together. Speaking of…Man was Warren Haynes ON for this one. Did I mention that Gov’t Mule was visiting us here in Madison? It was a show that I will always remember being in attendance for. ” I was there when…” The energy was electric. As with any MULE show, there were the cool ones from others, CREEP was a nice seasonal choice… but really this was a show that was great from start to finish, the innovative drum solo of Matt Abts bring too many words to mind that I remain speechless. Overall and Under-some this was the place to be and I am grateful for the Barrymore Theatre for being a great stable for Mule and allowing me to pretend it was a Saturday night on a Tuesday.


First Set:
1. Slackjaw Jezebel
2. Thorazine Shuffle
3. Banks Of The Deep End
4. Empty Pages
5. Temporary Saint
6. Creep
7. Unring The Bell Shakedown Street Tease
8. About To Rage
9. Lola Leave Your Light On Lola Intro

Second Set:
1. Brighter Days
2. Like Flies
3. Reblow Your Mind Get Up, Stand Up Jam
4. Streamline Woman->
5. Drums
6. Brand New Angel
7. Many Rivers To Cross
8. Mule 3rd Stone From The Sun Jam
9. Into The Mystic

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