the Jamie McLean band LIVE

It was a snowy evening, but as expected the Jamie McLean band brought Rock and Roll to the Main Pub in Manchester. From the moment the first note struck, people knew they were in store for something different, but in my opinion, they weren’t ready for songs and style reflecting an early Black Crowes with more intelligent lyrics. This is a rock and roll band my friends, a rock and roll band with backbone and style. This is not a jam band or Louisiana Swamp Boogie, this is not a fusion of anything but 2 parts ROCK and 2 Parts ROLL. Jamie’s electrifying guitar work as well as his soulful vocals and his unique songwriting will make the JMB a group to keep your eyes and watch out for in your neck of the woods.

By the Way. Did I mention anything about the Jamie McLean band being a kick ass rock -N- roll band??


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