the Hussy, get some!!

Friday night brought out a chance to remind myself of my rock -n- roll roots, a chance to have some punk in my rock at the same time. A two piece from Madison calling themselves “the Hussy” made themselves known at the Frequency and man, it didn’t take long to have the beats beating a pulp of real raw rawkkkkk! Armed with a vexing guitar and a banger of earthshaking booms on drums, the Hussy brought back the short catchy hard hitting feeling I first remember when trying out heavy sounding underground sounds. I felt like I was back at CBGB’s getting a taste of what the others have been trying to make happen. While this duo have been involved in music around the Madison scene for some time now, the work of the Hussy should latch on like the mosquitoes biting at your being when you next step outside. Be careful, the Hussy are contagious.


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