The Chicken Chokers.

The signature sound of The Chicken Chokers combines a string pounding 4-man rhythm section, ever-crazed fiddling, infamous ‘air-raid siren’ vocals, and the hallmark Chicken Choker Big Boy Chorus. Throughout the 80’s the Chokers entertained many, influenced a select few, and recorded 2 albums for Rounder Records before exploding in all musical directions. Recent twenty year reunions reveal that the Choker Drive survived the explosion. Combining the unvarnished, primitive energy of the early years with sound scrapbooks from 5 separate musical journeys, the band endures, still inspiring amateur dancers and professional revelers to higher states of consciousness. This album is kind to your ears and your feet at the same time. It is a blend of ten recognizable tracks with one original, yet with the Chokers’ twist to some of these ole favorites, you’ll be heading off on your own musical explosion. Be warned…this album comes complete with strings attached.

Muddy River release ’07

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