When something is right, it is right. That;s how I feel about the 2-piece force d’rock known as Sirsy In there latest release Revolution on their own label SIRSRYMUSIC, there are signs of a band just about to make a bigger name for themselves. The start of this album is the title track Revolution and thus begins your interest in Sirsy. How do they make that much rock with this roll, just two you say?? There are personalities in this music, but even more importantly is that each song has it’s own face, it’s own expression. Sassy to the core and tender when needed, I think this could be the next band you fall in love with. Melanie and Rich have a live show that surpasses attempts at words, but merely needs to been taking in and you’ll be ready to join in the movement that is a Sirsy Revolution.

Track Listing:
1 Revolution
2 Sorry Me
3 Leftover Girl
4 Crazy
5 Waiting For Rain
6 Oh! Billy
7 Still
8 Mary Concetta
9 Mercury
10 Fireflies


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