Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

The Wisconsin Union Theater got all and more from the show featuring the son of legendary Afro-Beat pioneer, Fela Kuti. Sean Kuti featuring his father’s band Egypt 80 was a hand and earful of connectivity. Before the show, I was fortunate enough to hang out with the members of Egypt 80 in the green room where we spoke of the unique percussion instruments made from rare wood in a secret and remote location. We spoke of the roots and to the roots of the music. I also got to meet up with and share a quick sentiment with friend of the proGram, Baba Ani. From backstage the band was smokin’ hot on stage with Seun being lead out by the sounds of his father’s originality and creativity…..once he joined the others…the hall was quickly up and moving. But listening was the key to this evening show. The show’s twists and turns led us down former and future political paths…the debate over how a leafed weed can be regulated beyond belief…but it was the heartbeat of the evening that kept the issues important and the spirit alive. And at this time in Madison..there is PLENTY of political spirit. If energy can be made through music, I am a believer in the ability of Seun Kuti and my friends Egypt 80, to fuel my way onward.

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