Secretary feat. Big Boss

I did get out while away. Back to some old stomping grounds like Real Art Ways in Hartford. I hooked up with friend and one of the coolest people I know, Paula Henderson. This was a reunion of timely proportions as it just so happened that her and Luqman (Big Boss) would be in my old neck of the woods the same time I was visiting. Who knew. The show, Secretary featuring Big Boss was sound-a-licious, with many of the newest freshest tracks spilling out of Paula’s mouthpiece and into the thirsty ears of many unexpected guests. Big Boss kept the whole thing running, coz he runs things you see. The first set was slightly more of a mind expander while the second set just plain out rocked my socks off. Take some time to check out this act as they are something worth heading to the office for.


“Moist” Paula & me RAW AUG ’08

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