Ripple Affect

The first half of the proGram took to the water…adjusting the moments of creatures within…below and unnoticed….these friends shout back with this:

Wonderful Tonight- David Buckingham
Black is the Color- Joe Sample
Work- Chick Corea Trio (live)
Resolution of Purpose- Frank Catalano Ft. Jimmy Chamberlain
A Love Supreme- Superfjord
Thirteen- Nicholas Payton
Urban Jungle Blues- Mason Razavi

Nothing Changes- Alex Mercado Trio
Flint- Bill Laurence

Life After D- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Ft. Victor Wooten
Vibe- Bill Dickens
The Jinx- Afro Bop Alliance
One Nation- Sergio Mendes Ft. Carlinhos Brown
En Guantanamo- Abelardo Barroso

Rock N Roll Soul- Hunter & the Dirty Jacks
Intro- Sallie Ford
Oregon- Sallie Ford

Funny Little Tragedy- Gov’t Mule (live at Mountain Jam)
Wonkmobile- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
I Want it Now- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble

Dear Leron- Streets of Laredo
Body in the Lake- the Codetalkers Ft. Col. Bruce Hampton
Hard Way- Big Harp George


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