RIP Brother Merl

Merl Saunders, a phenomenal person and funky keyboardist who collaborated with artists of all shapes and sizes including Miles Davis and the Grateful Dead, has died at the age of 74. In a statement posted on Merl’s website from the Saunders Family reads as follows:

Merl Saunders stood for music and love – his smile alone told you that. We loved him very much – and we know that you, his fans, did too. Sad as we are to lose him, we’re very aware of being comforted by the affection coming from all those touched by that smile and that wonderful music. He was a special man, a beautiful companion, father, grandfather, and family patriarch, and the proof of that spirit is in the way you’ve reached out to us at his passing.

From our hearts, thank you. And we know Merl thanks you too.

Keep on keepin’on,
The Saunders Family

A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, October 29th, at 11 am
at First AME Zion Church, 2159 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco.

I send my thoughts and positive vibes to Jr and the entire Saunders’ family as well as those in the circle through the music. Rest In Peace Brother Merl.


Check out my conversation with Merl Saunders Jr a few years back right here.

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