Rickie Lee Jones at the Barrymore

I am so glad I made it out to see Rickie Lee as she made her way back to Madison after a 4 or 5 year hiatus from our fair city. She was radiant in her magical musical ways, transforming the Barrymore Theater into a blast from the past, almost a 1970’s “feelin’ it for the first time” as she attempted to (successfully I believe) go chronologically through her albums and send her voice, words and tunes into that space place a nice sized crowd filled. The stage murmurs as she talks to or around the crowd would make even the exact same show as unique as the artist herself is, and to be in her world for just that few hour period really did make for a time travel experience. While there were many highlights of this night, there was none finer for me then watching Rickie Lee Jones hit the drum kit for a great rendition of Traffic’s ‘Low Spark of High Heeled Boys’ off here 2000 release “It’s Like This”, which she nailed down as her own with her deep lyrical twists and the turns of her bandmates caused this tune to really stand out. The show is still a show and the legend that Rickie Lee Jones has become is just starting to be truly defined and no better way to have your two cents heard then to go see her live and find out for yourself.


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