Respect what your guitar could do

When I got home from the Tommy Emmanuel show last night at the beautifully renovated Majestic Theater in Madison, I tucked my guitar away and asked it why, and how Tommy could think of those things he does with his very own guitars. I swear he has a couple of spiders or octopus attached to his own hands at times, my gosh can he make magic happen on the stage. When he starts a song, you can actually see the music form around his body as he presents it to the awe-struck people in attendance. When featuring his rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow, I heard tears falling from the crowd…TEARS! In his storied career, including 16 recordings, Tommy has set sales records that have yet to be broken and performed with hundreds of musical legends including Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Keith Urban, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Tina Turner, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder, Nokie Edwards (of the Ventures), Hank Marvin, the Lexington (Kentucky) Philharmonic, the Dortmund (Germany) Symphony, and the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra. Whenever and wherever you might get a chance to see or hear Tommy play or create his music, treat yourself to a feeling of “That’s Incredible” and stay for awhile. By the way, my guitar had no answers for me.

A true class act:Mr. Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P.

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