Rana Santacruz

The High Noon Saloon was the setting for an early evening of fusion between she sounds of a Mexican Bluegrass and Irish Mariachi music. Rana Santacruz, armed with an accordion and guitar, gave the audience an evening to remember. Minus the trumpet for the first few selections, there was a sweet folk music feel to the early part of the show. The tempo picked up when Rana and band (including violin, upright bass, and drum kit and trumpet) got all musical motors running and took the crowd on a journey passed Appalachia, swinging through New Orleans, and dancing across most of Mexico. The energy was as contagious as a yawn in the nap room. My feet were caught several time stomping out loud and my body easily caught on to a sway like a palm tree in the breeze.
Rana Santacruz brought a much needed warmth to Madison on a extremely chilly evening, but I do believe his music would be perfect for all seasons around the globe. The songs were sung with love (amor) in the words.

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