Thank you Max Roach.

By his 30th birthday, Max Roach was already considered the greatest jazz drummer ever by his peers. By the time he died this week, the 83-year-old master percussionist was known worldwide as much more: innovator, activist, teacher, genius. Roach, whose rhythmic innovations and improvisations defined bebop jazz during a career marked by expectations defied and musical boundaries ignored, died late Wednesday in a Manhattan hospital after a long illness. “Max was one of the founders and original members of the A-Team of bebop,” said fellow music legend Quincy Jones. “Outside of losing a giant and an innovator, I’ve lost a great, great friend. Thank God he left a piece of his soul on his recordings so that we’ll always have a part of him with us.” In 1988, he became the first jazz musician ever honored with a MacArthur Fellowship – receiving a $372,000 “genius grant.” The creatively restless Roach, who debuted with Ellington’s band as a self-taught 16-year-old drummer in 1940, challenged his listeners and himself by making music that connected the jazz of the pre-World War II era with the beats of the hip-hop generation. His place in the pantheon of jazz greats long since secured, Roach collaborated with drummers from around the world, with a string quartet that featured daughter Maxine, and with rapper Fab Five Freddy. “I try to show my students the correlation between hip-hop and Louis Armstrong,” he once said. “That’s how well-rooted hip-hop is, coming out of an environment where people were denied any kind of cultural enrichment.” The North Carolina native was born on Jan. 10, 1924, and moved to Brooklyn with his family four years later. A player piano left by the previous tenants gave Roach his musical introduction. But he was looking for another instrument while singing with the children’s choir at the Concord Baptist Church. Roach found a snare drum, and was quickly hooked. His father gave the eighth-grader his first set of drums, and Roach was drumming professionally while still in high school. He would take often the nickel train ride from Brooklyn to Harlem, listening to the music spilling out of the Apollo Theater or the Savoy Ballroom. While there, he befriended saxophonist Charlie Parker and trumpeter Dizzie Gillespie as the burgeoning bop movement took flight. By 1942, he was playing behind Parker in a Harlem after-hours club; two years later, Roach joined Gillespie and Coleman Hawkins in one of the first bebop recording sessions. What distinguished Roach from other drummers were his fast hands and ability to simultaneously maintain several rhythms. By layering different beats and varying the meter, Roach pushed jazz beyond the boundaries of standard 4/4 time. His dislocated beats helped define bebop.Roach’s innovative use of cymbals for melodic lines, and tom-toms and bass drums for accents, helped elevate the percussionist from mere timekeeper to featured performer – on a par with the trumpeter and saxophonist. “One of the grand masters of our music,” Gillespie once said. Through the jazz upheaval of the 1940s and ’50s, Roach played bebop with the Charlie Parker Quintet and cool bop with the Miles Davis Capitol Orchestra. He joined trumpeter Clifford Brown in playing hard bop, a jazz form that maintained bebop’s rhythmic drive while incorporating the blues and gospel.
In 1952, Roach and bassist-composer Charles Mingus founded Debut Records. Among the short-lived label’s releases was a famed 1953 Toronto performance in Massey Hall, featuring Roach, Mingus, Parker, Gillespie and pianist Bud Powell. Roach eventually expanded his repertoire and explored new challenges. He taught at the University of Massachusetts, traveled to Ghana in search of new music, and performed with groups from Japan and Cuba. He also formed an all-percussion ensemble known as M’Boom, an ensemble of eight percussionists; a quartet that performed with a 22-member gospel choir; and a double quartet – his band, plus a string quartet – that included Roach’s daughter Maxine Roach on viola. Ignoring critics, Roach insisted rap had a place on music’s “boundless palette.” He is survived by five children: sons Daryl and Raoul, and daughters Maxine, Ayo and Dara.

Thank you Max Roach, R.I.P.

Sweet Corn Festival

Thursday, August 16, 2007 through Sunday, August 19, 2007. Event time varies per day. The festival kicks off with a parade Thursday night; Thursday/Friday feature carnival, vendor booths and Friday night band in beer tent; Sat/Sunday = full activities with carnival, entertainment stage, steamed corn, fresh corn, vendor booths and games, live bands, petting zoo, craft fair, beer tent, kiddie korner and midget auto races Sunday night. $1 admission Sat / Sun. Angell Park, 100 Park St, Sun Prairie, Dane County. Call 608-837-4547. Man, the Midwest has such simple fun events for the entire family, I almost want to adopt a family for the end of this week to take here…well, I guess I won’t go that far.


Phil Rizzuto, “scooter” dies at 89

Hall of Fame shortstop and longtime broadcaster Phil Rizzuto passed away at the age of 89 on Tuesday. The 1950 AL MVP, Mr. Rizzuto played 13 seasons with the Yankees, going to the playoffs in 10 of them. He would later serve as the team’s color commentator, both on radio and television, for 40 years. Mr. Rizzuto was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1994 after being voted in by the Veterans Committee. I am a 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox fan, but I know a baseball persons person and “scooter” was it. He has infield soil in his veins and I wish to pay my respect to a man who seemed to live with it. I am sure Mr. Rizzuto is slated to start doing color for the big club in the BIG SKY league…..sometimes it’s about more than music.

Check out Mr. Rizzuto’s career statistics here.



The Wishlist Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam for Crohn’s Disease and Colitus related charities. The Wishlist Foundation’s primary purpose is charitable, out of love for and thanks from Pearl Jam . Our mission is to bring Pearl Jam fans together for worthwhile causes while enjoying the music, friendship, community and events that Pearl Jam inspires. No member or volunteer benefits financially from the Foundation in any way. Proceeds from Wishlist Foundation projects are donated to tax-exempt organizations, such as our primary beneficiary, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). The folks here plan to provide support, education and donations through support, please visit their web site at

For even more info head HERE.

Who better than fans of Pearl Jam to help out.

Coming soon, FREE by Marcus Miller

It is no surprise that I have been listening to a lot of soulful funky with an R-n-B flavor. I do like to keep it real you know. Marcus Miller will have a new album out sometime towards the end of the year, and there have been a couple of teasers on his myspace page. Check out the upcoming title track FREE, featuring the beautiful voice of Miss Corinne Bailey Rae. This is such a pretty song with soulful thumps by Marcus on bass that make you want to hug onto the nearest……well maybe thats just me?? Head on over there for yourself and decide. I will be lucky sometime in the early winter months to be setting up a potential conversation with Marcus to discuss the new album, the ongoing tour dates and maybe even engage in some serious basketball conversation.

Many thanks to Bibi for the slam dunk.


Doug Johns..a pimpasaurus Rex on bass

Influenced by ground-breaking artists such as Mahavishnu, Weather Report, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis, it is obvious that Doug John’s earliest endeavors explored every genre. Going on the road at a very young age, he honed his technical skills on stage with many soul, funk, blues and jazz bands, realizing they were all connected by the rhythm of the soul. After playing together as fellow clinicians in 1991, Victor Wooten described Doug Johns as “a great talent who will definitely make his mark in the bass world.” Today, they maintain a personal and professional relationship. But even before gaining notice from Victor, Bass Player Magazine wrote, “Doug Johns wastes no time demonstrating command of his instrument,” and went on to say he “is an impressive showcase of… versatility and professionalism.” Later, while recording tracks at Joe’s Garage in Los Angeles, Dweezil Zappa cut right to the chase and said, “Doug is a freak of nature!” The culmination of these musical experiences has led to the much-anticipated release of Doug Johns’ self-titled, debut CD. The opening tune, “Pimpasaurus Rex,” comes out swinging and includes stellar performances on horns from Joe Miller from one of my personal favorite groups, Chicago’s own Liquid Soul and Kenny Anderson (Arturo Sandoval, Tom Jones). Following Doug’s funk roots, “Hippobottomus” features the deep groove of an unstoppable rhythm section with Chris Ceja on drums and Mark Leach on Hammond. Bound to be a bass players’ staple, track# 9 revisits the country song, “The Claw.” Jerry Reed’s classic takes a smoldering turn with Doug Johns and Victor Wooten furiously trading solos. Flavored with the soul of his teachers – Jaco, Stanley and Bootsy – Doug Johns’ first CD offers variety,depth and should have a home in your set list.


How many Albums from CT to WI??

Well, there was a few moments of finding community style radio broadcasts on the way…even one from Canada but as far as the albums that made it in the ride for the ride… looked like this.

G-Love & the Special Sauce-Lemonade
Violent Femmes- Add it Up
Robert Walter- There goes the Neighborhood
Beastie Boys- the in Sound from Way out
Bob Marley-Babylon By Bus
A new Groove by Putumayo
King Sunny Ade-Gems from the Classic Years
Skeebo Knight-Wimbash Woods
Merl Saunders & Friends- Fire Up
Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland
Eels- Souljacker
Morphine- B-sides & otherwise
Cibo Matto-Stereo Type A
Forro in the Dark- Bonfires of Sao Joao
Peter Green w/Nigel Watson- Hot Foot Powder
Jerry Garcia Band- Reflections
Floyd Miles & Friends-Crazy Man
John Lee Hooker- Live at Sugar Hill
Rusted Root- When I Woke
Nirvana- MTV Unplugged
Radiohead- OK Computer
The Cure-Show
Liquid Soul-Liquid Soul
Guvna Dub- Dub Sessions
Red Hot Chili Pepers- Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Desdamona-the Source
Terry Francis Presents Architecture Vol.2
Kronos Quartet performs Phillip Glass
Extra Golden- Ok-Oyot System
The Best of Fela Kuti (2 discs)
Grease Soundtrack

There might have been one of two missed….most of these were listened to from start to finish while on the drive…Some nostalgia, some outrageous and some just because it was only me in the car……let me know what you might have played.



The Arthur Davis System for Double Bass.

Art Davis was blacklisted in the ’70s for speaking up about racism in the music industry, then later earned a doctorate in clinical psychology and balanced performance dates with appointments to see patients. Known for his stunning and complete mastery of the instrument, Davis was able to jump between genres. He played classical music with the New York Philharmonic, was a member of the NBC, Westinghouse and CBS orchestras, and played for Broadway shows. The most enriching experience of his career was collaborating with John Coltrane. Described by jazz critic Nat Hentoff as Coltrane’s favorite bassist, Davis performed on the saxophonist’s albums including “Ascension,” Volumes 1 and 2 of “The Africa/Brass Sessions” and “Ole Coltrane.” Davis viewed his instrument as “the backbone of the band,” one that should “inspire the group by proposing harmonic information with a certain sound quality and rhythmic impulses,” Davis said in an excerpt from So What magazine posted on his Web site. He played with a long and varied list of artists: Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Louis Armstrong, Judy Garland, John Denver, Peter, Paul and Mary and Bob Dylan. By 1951 he decided to make music his career. He chose the double bass, believing it would allow more opportunities to make a living. At age 17 he studied with the principal double bassist at the Philadelphia Orchestra. But when he auditioned for his hometown’s symphony, the audition committee was so unduly harsh and demanding that the conductor Edwin MacArthur questioned their objectivity. “The answer was, ‘Well, he’s colored,’ and there was silence,” Davis recalled in a 2002 article in Double Bassist magazine. “Finally MacArthur burst out, ‘If you don’t want him, then you don’t want me.’ So they quickly got together and accepted me.”
This was a cat who found his home hanging right there, outside the box. A quality or trait I can only dream dream of matching.


A conference call with Chuck D.

So I was invited to be a part of a conference call with one of the original innovative wordsmyths of total coolth Mister Chuck D. of Public Enemy. I was able to be the first person from the U.S. press to ask him a question or two and I asked him more or less about the political natures of his new album…more on that disc to come……What a cool thing to have happen and I am thankful to Jolyn at the Brookes Company for the invite and for being a great hostess, and thanks to Chuck himself for making and taking the time…..Make some Noise.
So, the most important thing to take away from this isn’t that:”Damn that MisterG is too cool for school”, that goes without saying. The thing to focus on is my mentioning of the new Public Enemy album….get ready to get yours.


the Final Show on WHUS.

Well, being an adult…which someone told me I am…There was a situation at home that just had to come before my show. The Mrs of the G and Moustapha were dealing with boneheaded movers (NA) and I needed to get home to “get the final word”. So I was only able to be on air for 3 hours insted of 5. No worries, I will be broadcasting from Madison WI before you can say “cheeeeeeseeeee” But until then, here is the final show set list. I am always accepting new music and am staying current in the scene. New address updates soon.



Are you Ready- Grand Funk Railroad
Just got back from Baby- ZZ Top
Frontier Psychiatrist- The Avalanche
Got my Mojo Workin’- Cotton/Waters/J. Winters (live)
Human Cannonball- Webb Wilder (live)
You got the Best in Town- Billy Cox & Buddy Miles
Masterpiece- Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang
Underground- Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang
For your Love- the Yardbirds (live 06)
Still I’m Sad- the Yardbirds (live 06)
Dazed & Confused- the Yardbirds (live 06)
Sexy side of You- George Clinton
Round Oak Blues- Skeebo Knight
Jekyll Island Nights- Skeebo Knight
Vehicle- Reptile Palace Orchestra
Duct Tape- Darrin James Band
Had Enough of Me- Darrin James Band
Des Caminos- Omar Sosa (Live)
Balkan Trilogy- Terra Folk

1. Mystic intro

2. Ajde Jano

3. Ederneni Boyacilari

Nobody’s Fault but Mine- NO Blues
Lets do it Like They did it- Sol
You can Make it if you Try- Buddy Guy/John Mayer
Inner City Blues- Marc Broussard
Stargaze- Xavier Rudd
Footprint- Xavier Rudd
Message Stick- Xavier Rudd
Missing my Baby- G-love/Special Sauce
Beautiful- G-Love/Tristian
By July- Sirsy
The looks She’s Giving you- the Outer Vibe
Hot Sticky Nikki- Chow Nasty
Jin go lo Ba- Babatunde Olatunji
Kiyakiya- Babatunde Olatunji
Mofongo Raincheck- Secretary
New Age Ladies- Secretary
Life of the Mind- Club D’elf
Don’t Believe the Hype- Public Enemy
Infinity- Desdamona/Ill Chemistry
Spreadin’ Rhythm Around- LadyBUG Mecca/Lady Day *
Glad to be Unhappy- DJ LOGIC REMIX*

* Billie Holiday remixed.



Burnt Sugar played an outdoor event at Real Art Ways and really put it together for an early evening of spiritual hip-ness, funk-a-fied jazz-a-delia that sounded like a new world being born. I enjoyed meeting up with Greg Tate and Moist Paula Henderson who gave me a brand new album of hers to SAX you up with. The vibe, the crowd and the sound was the architect erecting a new buliding on a planet of the undiscovered, a true DIRECTION UNKNOWN adventure in the mindspace. If you haven’t checked them out, you should.

19 members of the Arkestra on stage

Let us get LOGIC!

So I was just sitting there minding my own business….yeah right!!! We had a special guest phone in live on the program this week….DJ LOGIC. He was in town playing a nearby festival and greenarrowradio was the beneficiary of a moment of his free time. We make time to talk about several new projects including the John Popper Project feat. Logic, as well as the new work being accomplished with Kyle Hollindsworth of String Cheese and Speech from Arrested Development being called Soleside. We even get a moment to discuss the new Billie Holiday remix he had the honor of working on. So, like I said….I was just sitting there minding my mind, making thirsty ear holes fill up and Waaa-BAM!!…I was LOGIC-I-FIED…and now it’s your turn too.

Here the LOGIC right here.

thanks to Diane at DP public relations for all her work!

One more in Connecticut.

It has been one of the busiest weeks in my time with life. I wish I was able to post one post each day but alas, the realities of being a grown-up person sometimes get in the way..I mean take precedence.

But there was a busy show put together for you as the 2nd to last installment of greenarrowradio on the WHUS airwaves…..stay tuned, next week, July 28th will be a 5 hour show…a blowout to go out.

Here’s the way the 2nd to last one took shape.

Duct Tape- Darrin James Band
Had Enough of Me- Darrin James Band
*Convo with Suzi Craig on preserving a CT landmark*
Evil Clown Song- the Passive Aggressive
Happiness- AKACOD
Ungawa- Chow Nasty
Lazy Eyes- Chow Nasty
Bomb this World(Armageddon version)- Michael Franti/Spearhead
Stargaze- Xavier Rudd
Footprint- Xavier Rudd
Earth- Uakti
Fire- Uakti
Dancing Drums- Badmarsh & Shri
Chove Chuva- Ulisses Rocha
***On Air Conversation with DJ LOGIC***
Jumentous- Variable Unit
Leap of Faith- Sara Wasserman/DJ LOGIC/Alan Evans
19/20/21- King Johnson
Suits Me Fine- King Johnson
Jekyll Island Nights- Skeebo Knight
You met Your Match- Marc Broussard
Ultra funk- Los Amigos Invisibles (live WDET)
Papa was a Rolling Stone- Los Lobos (live WDET)
Thankful N’ Thoughtful- Sly & the Family Stone
Goonie Birds- Aja West
The Way We Lived- Wax Tailor feat Sharon Jones
13 D- Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors
How Can I miss You- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks
***Conversation with Mr. Dan Hicks***
That Ain’t Right- Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks
When I feel the sea Beneath my Soul- Taj Mahal
Follow the Drinking Gourd- Taj Mahal
Blind Spot- Delta Moon
Rebecca Rebecca- Mojo:Saint (live)
Every Hungry Woman- Allman Bros.(1970 Atlanta Pop Fest.)
Black Cadillac- NO Blues
Dogs of Santiago- Lipbone Redding
Towering inferno- the Green Arrows
Fallujah Dub- Guvna Dub
Stairway to Heaven- Doug Johns
Gig Shirt- Doug Johns
Beloved- Anoushka Shankar


Genius Hurts: Ask Dan Hicks.

Throughout his decades-long career, Mister Dan Hicks stood as one of contemporary music’s true eccentrics. While steeped in folk, his acoustic sound knew few musical boundaries, drawing on country, call-and-response vocals, jazz phrasing, and no small amount of humor to create a distinctive, albeit sporadic, body of work which earned him a devoted cult following. He attended college in San Francisco, where he switched to guitar and began playing folk music. He returned to the drums, however, when he joined the Charlatans, one of the Bay City’s first psychedelic bands. Although the Charlatans were short-lived — they issued only one single during their existence — they proved influential throughout the San Francisco musical community and were one of the first acts to play the legendary Family Dog. formed the acoustic group Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks in 1968 as an opener for the Charlatans, but soon the new band became his primary project. After adding a pair of female backing vocalists — “the Lickettes” — the group issued its debut LP, Original Recordings, in 1969. After a pair of 1971 records, Where’s the Money? and Striking It Rich, they issued 1973’s Last Train to Hicksville, which proved to be a very successful album for the Hot Licks. This is a re-visit conversation for Mr. Hicks and I as I welcome him into New England for a July 26th show in Fairfield, a July 28th show in Northampton, and on July 29th at the Barn in Brooklyn CT. We have a few laughs and there is some talk of new material and the potential arrival of a potential new album.

Check out my time shared with Mr. Dan Hicks herehickslicks.jpg.

A.K.A.C.O.D. get to know ’em here.

Monique Ortiz and I have been going back and forth trying to get a time together to discuss so many things. Finally, it all started to jive and we got a phoner in live on the show (7/14). The newest project A.K.A.C.O.D, is true mysterious wisdom put on top of some low, experimental and otherworldly sounds laced with Dana Colley on Saxophone(S), Larry Dersch on percussion, and Monique plays the fretless bass, the 2-string slide bass and takes care of the vocals that if allowed, takes you to places you only thought about. In this conversation we discuss the path followed leading up to the beginnings of A.K.A.C.O.D. and its development through the past workings/teachings of Mr. Mark Sandman, and other projects Monique has been involved in including Bourbon Princess.

Please join me in enjoying this music & check out my conversation with Monique Ortiz here.


Hip, Tuck & Roll–A caffeine bomb

An early morning fill in:

When You’re There- Miss Flame, Mischelle
Girl at War- Miss Flame
Dogg Starr- LadyBug Mecca
Sexual Alchemy- LadyBug Mecca
Infinity- Desdamona w/Ill Chemistry
Miss America- Desdamona
***Pacifica Radio Special—Women/Lesbians in Hip Hop***
Kill Your Employer- Busdriver
Sun Don’t Shine- Gift of Gab w/Lateef
Freedom Walk- Lifesavas w/Vernon Reid & Dead Prez
Intro- Prophet & Amp
First Time- Pyro & Q
Hollywood Divorce- OutKast w/Snoop & lil Wayne
Amorphous Form- Bassnectar
Back & Black- Robot Goes Here
Say When- Move Ment
New Values- Pale Moon Gang
Maria Bartiromo- Joey Ramone
Mindreader- Ten High
Take it Off- the Donnas
Girl U Have Magic in U- Outrageous Cherry
Bob (cousin O.)- Evil Stig
Last to Know- Evil Stig
Crimson & Clover- Evil Stig
No Strings Attached- Mattias IA Eklundh
Minor Swing- Mattias IA Eklundh
Helipad- Andy Timmons Band
Eagles- D.C. Slater
Nefertiti- Adrian Legg
Buried Alive- Ozzy & London Symphony Orch.
Shake your Foundation- A.C/D.C.
Battle of Faomo/Apple Pie-Southern Crush


It’s in the words–Desdamona

While she surrounds her lyrics most of the time with hip beats and soul enriched moments in the musical now, somehow I still get focused back on the words. Up to the top in rhyme and meaning, however you are looking at it, Desdamona has put herself on the map with her new release The Source. While there are so many exciting features about this album, Desdamona’s ability to tell a true story as seen through her eyes and relate it as an easily formed connection in open minded people, is a blessing. In this live conversation recorded on 07/14/07, we discuss the creation of this innovative album, her upcoming tour with collaborators, Sly & Robbie and we even discuss the possibilities of me doing a video as Elaine from Seinfeld dancing to the tune Infinity which features Ill Chemistry… kidding……

Check out our conversation HERE.


5 Hours just isn’t enough

Filing in for COWGIRL gave me 5 straight (sort of) hours of show. I had plenty of music left over when all was said and done. A few live conversations….that will be podcasted up shortly.

99 Year Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
San Francisco Blues- Hot Tuna (live)
My AK47- Hot Tuna (live)
Goodtime Baby- Gov. Davis & Blues Ambassadors (live)
Let the Good Times Roll- Taj Mahal/Ry Cooder
11th St. Overcrossing- Taj Mahal/Ry Cooder
Take a Giant Step- Ry Cooder/Taj Mahal
Love is the answer to World Peace- Lipbone Redding
Tuscaloosa Suntan- Lipbone Redding
Hush your Mouth- Bo Diddley
Who Do You Love- Bo Diddley
No one to Run with- the Allman Brothers
Get out of my Life- Jerry Garcia Band (live)
Amazing Journey/Sparks- the Who (live)
Changing Highways- Neil Young w/Crazy Horse
Coffee- Papa Mali
I’m Getting Over it- Papa Mali
Going Back to New Orleans- Dr. John
Happy Together- Sugar Minott
Satisfy my Soul- Winston Jarrett
Blowin’ in the Wind Dub- Don Carlos
Revelation/Exodus- Pato Banton (live)
***Conversation with Pato Banton***
Legalize It (acapella)- Pato Banton (live)
Last Girl on Earth- Supreme Beings of Leisure
Infinity- Desdamona w/Ill Chemistry
Orange & Blue- Desdamona
***Conversation with Desdamona***
The Source- Desdamona (sly&robbie remix)
It’s a Womans World- Zuco 103 feat. Lee SCRATCH Perry
Congo Mulence- Machito w/Cannonball Adderley
Rumdrum- Tomas Einarsson
Teknochek Collison- Slavic Soul Party
the Locks & Rocks Reel- Peatbog Faeries
the Invergarry Blues- Peatbog Faeries
Bibou- Daby Balde
Redemption Song- African Showboys
Courage- Vieux Farka Toure w/Issa Bamba
Wosoubour- Vieux Farka Toure (Eccodek Remix)
Chove chuva- Ulisses Rocha
Stargaze- Xavier Rudd
Footprints- Xavier Rudd
Message Stick- Xavier Rudd
Full Nelson- Miles Davis (live in Japan)
Hall of Mirrors- Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Red Moon- Al DiMeola
Shannon’s Kitchen- Dave Fiuczynski & Headless Torso
The Chamber- Neil Schon
Ring of Fire- Moonlight Wranglers
Rainy Day Blues- Willie Nelson
When the Levee Breaks- Leftover Salmon (live)
Ol’ Cook Pot- the Duhks
Porchswing- Bourbon Princess
Supergirl’s Complaint- Bourbon Princess
***Conversation with Monique Ortiz***
Happiness-A.K.A.C.O.D. (unreleased single)
Pet- Sirsy
Lazy Eyes- Chow Nasty
Look-ka-py py- Slavic Soul Party
Batman’s Boogaloo- Bobby Valentin
How come U do me like U do me?- Gecko Turner
Summer Blue- Money Mark
No Woman, No Cry- Honeytribe (happy b-day GEORGE)




Time and options are running out for Internet Radio. The emergency stay sought on behalf of webcasters, millions of listeners and the artists and music they support has been denied.

UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS BY JULY 15th, the new ruinous royalty rates will go into effect on Sunday, threatening the future of all Internet radio.

This situation is grave, but that makes the message all the simpler and more serious.

CALL YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES RIGHT AWAY and urge them to support the Internet Equality Act. If they’ve already co-sponsored, thank them and ask them to fight to bring it to the floor for an immediate vote.