Orton Park Festival I

This was one time I had too much reality happening to be at this festival all day, however I managed to see everything I wanted to hit up. Brooklyn- based Latin alt-folklorico group Pistolera strutted their stuff in front of a medium sized but ready to “get it going” Orton crowd. They were rained out at the Waterfront Fest last year, but did put on a great rain-delayed show at the Crystal, and this year the weather was not playing a long nicely either but the set was incredible with melodic and danceable songs sung in Spanish and the strong political content of their lyrics which often talk about border issues, the plight of immigrants, and female strength is “perfecto” for the open minds of the east side of Madison.


After that hot set, we were treated to the brilliant and prolific Robbie Fulks and his music. His website states, “Robbie Fulks writes songs that make you think and feel and quite often laugh out loud.” He’s a favorite at our fests and when he takes the stage with his band there will be a throng of people there to cheer him on. His charm and incredible songbook make Fulks an ideal festival performer…Since it was Michael Jackson’s birthday, Mr. Fulks did this rendition on “Billy Jean” that was deep and mysterious, it was truly a mind blowing moment…and I thank him for. he took that right into the Jackson 5 thing know as “Goin’ Back to Indiana”, which was done in a country western twang that had that Robbie Fulks signature all over it.


Two acts I would see anywhere again.

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