Oh Maya Goodness

I want to thank the phenomenal Maya Beiser for being a guest on the proGram…She has a brand new release titled “Uncovered”….It features her way of sharing some classic rocks staples. She elaborated on how she makes the music work toGether with herself..we shared tales of songs and how they shaped us personally and her work as an artist promoting awareness on real issues. I am thankful for people like her and glad they let me share their ways with others. Here’s what happened along with her visit:

United Nations Series- Ravi Shankar w/Yehudi Menuhin (live)
Muzzarella- Caveman
Tavasz Tavasz- Marta Sebestyen
Asalto Naviderio- El Gran Combo
Mirror Mirror- Golem
Sukhyi Dub- DakhaBrakha
Baby- DakhaBrakha

Vevela- Te Vaka
Reclaim the Thunder- Taina Asili Y La Banda Rebel
Mama Guerrilla- Taina Asili Y La Banda Rebel
Bombay Street Sound- Dissidenten
Lost Hindu Tapes- Dissidenten
Adderly Straat- Barry Van Zyl
Udu Chant- Mickey Hart
Gharana- Badmarsh & Shri
Lithium- Maya Beiser
Back in Black- Maya Beiser

**Live on air Conversation with Maya Beiser**
Little Wing- Maya Beiser
Kashmir- robiN EubAnks


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