Off with a Blade

Always carry a blade with me….The first half of today’s proGram includes support for the Midwest Midwinter Gypsy Swing Festival and you can’t help swinging into it:

Interlude- Olin Rockberger
Two Feet- Olin Rockberger

Cherokee- Jacky Terasson
Shadow Waltz- Jerry Byrd
Citaco- Chicken Chokers
Track One- Opus 4
Bistro Fada- Stephane Wrembel
Things that Go- Harmonious Wail Ft. Gonzalo Bergara
Red on Red- John Jorgenson
Micro- Alfonso Ponticelli w/Swing Gitan
Bolero Blues- Caravan GSE

Waking World- El Sportivo & the Blooz
Lady & the Tramp- Vicky Cryer
Don’t Play with Guns- the Black Angels
Romanticize Me- Pissed Jeans

Swim & Sleep (like a Shark)- Unknown Mortal Orchestra
One at a Time- Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Goin’ Down Geneva- Van Morrison
Country Side of Life- Wet Willie (live 08/13/2011 Woodstock GA)
No Cheap Seats in Heaven- the Slide Brothers
I’m Not Tired- the Lee Boys Ft. Warren Haynes
How Do I, Why do I- the Lucky Peterson Band Ft. Tamara Peterson (live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin)

Saturday- Twinemen
Come Back- Treat Her Right
Blister 2000- the Violent Femmes


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