Mörglbl in MADISON

I had my face and backside rocked off last night at the Crystal Corner Bar as the power trio from France called Mörglbl kicked it into overdrive and just kept on going. Supporting an album that is to be released in the states beginning of June, the Primus-like-Vai power jazz for the deaf sound crept through the crowd into waiting ears as riffs turned into rips that shredded the air between amp and ear. These guys have a blast rockin’ too, with antics that will lift a smile out of you with a drumming backbone that comes right out at you encouraging a foot to stamp and a head to bop with a metal spring. Christophe Godin (known as the best guitarist in France) certainly kept the strings bent heavy and you could almost smell the fire coming off the frets as he tore thru the neck in ways that spoke in an accent at times to me. For me, not too much can beat a serious power trio, and Mörglbl has now even added to what I once thought was a fair definition to that term…If Prog rock is something you like to experiment around and you’ve somehow missed these guys, let me lead you to the water…and DRINK!


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