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It was a Friday night and I was feeling alright!!! EOTO was back in town and with that spontaneity Jason & Travis create, the vibe was way out there. The 18+ crowd was deep in numbers and deeper in their groove. The sonic sounds were immeasurably gigantic in ways only retold by stories, moments unique to the time be shared by those in the room (on this night the fantastic High Noon Saloon was the room). You cannot help but feel the newness of the seconds as the flurry of sound passes by you and circles back for a second nibble on your ears, I just found myself smiling and remembering what it is about live music that I love. When Jason and I chatted last week, he nailed it on the head~the explorations are rewarded with nights like this one. I am sure when EOTO is in your neck of the woods and if you take the time to find out~you might share this common with many yet, the show might just hold you captive to yourself and you’ll have no reason to want to be released. New York’s Sub Swara took the stage first and was mixing beats that brought the right attitude of harmony and danceable tunes into our togetherness on this night. This was one of those live electronica events that took the new level and had it re-sized and made the evening’s morning come a lot sooner than expected….


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