MOFRO’d at the Majestic

As soon as I took one step into the theater, the Brass infused funk–N’Orleans style was booming courtesy of Troy “Trombone Shorty” and Orleans Avenue. I can’t say enough about the playing and the show they put on. Troy was holding notes longer than some people were in the bathroom and the band was on fire as usual. That is one act I hope to see return this summer around festival time!! JJ brought out Mofro with the stage set for a serious soul infection. Starting on the keys himself and hitting off with some new and some relative tracks to the new, the Majestic was electric with the mere presence of this band. Direction unknown was certainly on tap as we were treated to some soul, funk and let’s just say, JJ had his mojo workin’.

My recent conversation with JJ Grey before he hit Madison.


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