Michael Bellar As Is Ensemble


The As-Is Ensemble is the sound dwelling of musician/producer Michael Bellar. The album is one that’ll easily get your ears perked up waiting for the next note and the next transition. The As-Is Ensemble has shared billings with many alt-jazzy artists and acts such as: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, John Scofield, Medeski Martain and Wood and formerly were the house band at the world famous Blue Note jazz club in New York City. I look forward to sharing more of this album with you, and I am going to dig in deeper to the other two studio albums (“Like it Is” & “React”). On this latest release in 2009, “Turned On Turned Up” features Rob Jost on bass (Bjork/Imogen Heap), Brad Wentworth (Ryan Keberle/Aretha Franklin) on drums and Percussionist Robert Di Pietro (Norah Jones/Jessie Harris).

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