Marquette Waterfront Fest 2010

Chico Trujillo at the Marquette Waterfront Festival Saturday 6/12

Chile’s Chico Trujillo made themselves known at this festival with music that has a happy grin attached to it. The style and flare of the Chilean culture brought magic to the waterfront with interpretaciones de cumbias tradicionales, lo que dio como mezcla una banda tocando cumbias, boleros y ska….but what did it for me was the way the music made my insides feel while the rest of me shook to the sound. This is a band not to miss at a festival or in a small room. They pack a punch that is filled with happiness.





Grupo Fantasma at the Marquette Waterfront festival 6/12

After interviewing producer and guitarist Adrian Quesada and going over his resume,( I have been spinning his works in many shapes & forms for years now) I know what I was in for, but could tell not everyone else at the festival was….and man, they were blown away. The weather was warm and the funky Latin orchestra sounds were ten paces to the hott side of that…….While there is definitively some nostalgia to the music, this band is moving/shaking into new territories musically (as one might expect from a band that routinely backs Prince) and while their newest album is just hitting the streets…..this band has been running strong for some 10 years now and is a must see wherever you are, when they come close. I have few words to tell you other than….it’s a must see.





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