Lovespirals:Future Past


The latest release from Lovespirals has me softly speaking to myself and smiling. The slow grooves help me feel like I am skating along carelessly over the ice that sometimes makes its way on our clear travels. The trance sensation produced in this release from Anji Bee and Ryan Lum, is stunningly captivating and a welcomed distraction to listening to music. The down tempo music and vocal temptations seduce the parts of my ears that are connected right to the part of my brain that produces happiness. There are highlight on this album for me personally, “Meanwhile, Irreplaceable Time Flees” right into “Insignificant” really make a set more complete, whereas the opening track “Home” is such a great set starter. This is a classy album that at times I think is even too good for me, but that is why I am so happy to share it with others….I think it’ll find many compatible ear-mates out there.

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