Little Feat 3/18 at the WOLF DEN

Well, this highly anticipated evening was even better than expected. You know how it usually is, you get yourself psyched up for an event and it doesn’t ever quite “get there”…well, Little Feat got there and then some…and then…some MORE. I got a chance to hang with Billy Payne and a couple other of the Feat members, watching and talking a little college hoops. The show started off with a bang and we all never looked back. There were some tasty treats as expected we got to Skin it Back, and walk around on a Spanish Moon, and we did get a fried up encore-like rendition of Dixie Chicken, but what blew me away was what appeared to be a version of Within you With out You. The best part of all, believe it or not was the way the entire Little Feat family treated me like I was one of the crew, making sure all was well on several occasions. This band might have little feat, but they sure do have some big hearts…please check out their webpage to see how active they are in the social/medical climate around the world.

billypayne 00111.jpg

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