Latin Reggae

Putumayo presents: Latin Reggae. When Bob Marley had gained the success crossing over in the 70’s, I don’t think the reggae world was expecting so many fusions of styles and cultures to make this music their own. Putumayo invites all of us into a “what a small world it is after all” album that magically blends Jamaican grooves and Latin rhythms with this fine compilation out now. The album includes both notable artists and some newbies onto the scene. A perfect blend. The socially conscious lyrics are in the forefront accompanied by the collision of Latin beats and a heavy Jamaican jam, which posses as much strength in form as they do substance. The album begins with Muchachito Bombo Infierno from Spain and ends with Sarazino from Ecuadorian/Canadian/Algerian roots. A favorite of mine is sandwiched in the as the 7th track, Ticklah (featuring Mayra Vega) combining many musical disciplines and wleding a new shape in our minds from sounds we only imagined existed. This collection is sure t make your minds open and your skin dance…..


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