Keller Williams Loop

The treat during winter time is when artists come on into Madison and warm the place up. That is exactly what the uncanny charm of Keller Williams seemed to do tonight as he brought his guitar goodness to the Majestic. He has his stage set up for antics and “in the moment”-ness, but it’s the sound and crowd involvement that really sets the show apart. He quickly got the “MADISON” portion of his show nailed down, including the city in many of his tunes. His bass loops gave the show it’s heartbeat that danced on into the night. It is always a festival feel when Keller gets it going. The environment was filled with happy-go-lucky listeners and groovers that stayed with him in the moment. As some Dead came off his strings, you just had to poke around a few steps away for the heart of the crowd. As usual, Keller put forth many covers done in a way only a loop-star can pull off and there were plenty of KW originals in the mix to keep the crowd on their improvisational toes. Whenever I see Keller Williams live, the one thing I can always appreciate is the “expect the unexpected” and that is exactly just what I believe live music is mostly about.

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