Karl Walters Jr Trio

Check out this free download of the track “Wait til you See” from the album Can We Go Back Where We Began? THE KARL WALTERS JR TRIO is a jazz and jam tinted reflection of the wild experimentation that is modern Brooklyn music. Led by composer and trombonist Westbrook Johnson, and anchored by Keegan Schelling on bass and Matt Ferry on drums, the Trio walks, flaunts, and occasionally destroys the line between the composed and the improvised. With influences ranging from the high, bluesy wails of Louis Armstrong, to the stark, sharp cubistic rhythms of Incubus, to the savory and sweet melody lines of Antonio Carlos Jobim, the KWJ Trio embraces the styles of several musical traditions while adding their own unique voice to the beautiful cacophony of contemporary sound. By way of their tight, improvisational communication, The Karl Walters Jr Trio brings Johnson’s dynamic and varied compositions to life, ensuring an exciting listen for fans of all genres.


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