Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe

Having the set start of with Madison’s very own: “the original Funky Drummer“, Mister Clyde Stubblefield sitting in—-It was obvious that Karl and the group were pumped up to have that moment trapped in time. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe sent the Majestic Theater into a wave of groove that range from bouncing funk to a deep house background trapping the ear in a mesmerizing sound net. On a cold wet snow filled Madison evening, the music certainly kept a happy warmth en-clouding the crowd of dancers that seemed to be rockin’ to and fro on a gentle, yet sometimes sideways washing wave of sweet movement….There were moments that kicked in a rock -N- roll slam jam and others that could have you completely lost in your own space…..space jazz is always one of my personal favorite styles to reach in concert format and let me attest, that there was nothing tiny about this show. It was heavy and ready……and it was!

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