Joe Pitts: Just a Matter of Time

Slide over, no really SLIDE on over and listen to this. Joe Pitts can create a powerful storm of sound with a ghostly shadow of style reminding myself and many of the dear Duane Allman. Not afraid to rock a love song or tell that fantastic story, the album Just a Matter of Time, (Kijan Records 2007) takes a ride on the southern side of rock and keeps plenty of room for some of that sweet soulfulness of the blues. He has pulled influences from yesterday into today and has been compared to guitarists like Warren Haynes, Larry McCray and Walter Trout. Although his influences range from Duane Allman and Jeff Beck(ice cream cakes) to Roy Buchanan(Nickle and a Nail), he is becoming known worldwide for his slide guitar work. He uses his slide work to create tone-filled licks that both glide and soar over the music. And I am starting to wonder who is calling him their influence. He is also heavily inside the groove with really funky rhythmic improvisations, which as a listener you can get that true feeling on the final track, Funked Up…but be patient–coming out of the shadows of that track is the ghost of song greatness…..(lone me a dime) the great Fenton Robinson tune with the easily treasured slide work of Duane worked over with precision and pride…Thanks Joe.


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