It’s About the Giving Back

Emma Lane, a high school student in Mansfield Connecticut, is doing something most people claim they’d like to do. She’s giving back to those who never even had a hand in her personal world…until she made it a point to find out more. Emma is involved in a program that is helping to build homes for people in Mexico that live in the dump and have built make-shift abodes out of whatever they could find in the dump. She has been to Mexico and is organizing an event to raise not only funds needed to build one home, but more importantly…raise awareness about other peoples struggles. Emma is a role model to me.

Take a listen to Emma Lane talking about being thankful for each day and every thing right here.

Note** I have known Emma since she was around 8 or 9 and have been fortunate to have been a teacher, coach and friend of hers ever since.

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