ill chemistry with The New Congress

When Desdamona and Carnage the Executioner work their lyrical content and hand-woven catastrophe tapestry orally attached to beats the outcome is a dynamic being known as Ill Chemistry. The hip-hop heard when they collide is so damn raw and open that it makes a listener hit the refresh button on their minds. I was fortunate enough to catch the show here in Madison right at the University and man, was I overwhelmed with the power of beatbox and the rhythm of the rhymes. With loops in loop and mics in hand, Ill Chemistry brings meaning and life to words….you can see the actions and feel the chest rise in these words. Dez and Carnage worked the night with another Minneapolis product, The New Congress. The New Congress are the winners of the 2006 Minnesota Music Awards for Best R&B Artist/Group and R&B Album for their release “Everybody Gets Up“. They also earned two Los Angeles Music Awards in 2006 for Neosoul Artist of the Year and R&B Single of the Year for “Make You Move“. Once you take a listen to this band, you’ll be ready to vote in the New Congress.

With one of my favs. Desdamona 11/3/07

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