Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo

There are unique events, and I want to be a part of them. Tuvan throat singers and traditional instruments meet electronica….ahhh yes please!!! I have loved listening to and sharing Huun Huur Tu‘s music on air for years now and when I found out about the project they had going on with the multi-talented Carmen Rizzo, I just knew it would do me right. The album “Eternal” easily takes the listener on the journey to and through a mystical place to so many, and sometimes with the workmanship of Carmen, you can even find places yet known, the ones you go to when you are deep in. The show at the beautiful Stoughton Opera House transformed a room in a landscape, took sounds and united a front where all good things meet, and best of all assisted in opening some new eyes to the cross-pollination of what people call genres (borders). The first set was mainly Huun Huur Tu‘s time to be acoustic, with tales behind the songs shared, each moment pulled an audience closer to the artists homeland. The ability to create such sound from one’s throat and keep it harmonious within the music while plucking and striking or blowing into traditional Tuvan instruments is a sight I can not describe in words, as the sound created such a mask. In the second set, Carmen added to what Huun Huur Tu started with light beats, heartbeats…giving another life to this already incredibly living sound creature, keyboards and devices fed this being and seemed to pump the blood, not only onstage, but the house seemed to take on a new persona. It is always fascinating to watch people see things for the first time. I want to thank both the fellas in Huun Huur Tu and Mr. Carmen Rizzo for seeing beyond musical borders & boundaries and making a new paint to add to the tapestry.






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