Gypsy Groove: the World is a Dance Floor

Haven’t we all had that feeling of wanting to pick it up and move it along. Well, as history will have it, the nomadic people known as Gypsies, did just that and they seemed to add each cultures musical styles to their repertoire. This wayward traveling and moving allowed the Gypsies, or the Roma to become crafty musicians with no genre standing in their way of expression. This Putumayo release is a sure hit on the dance floors around the world. With mixes from some of the finest musicians in today’s scene, the roots of many lands grow strong through instruments foreign to perhaps too many ears. Gypsy Groove makes all colors of our one world dance together with toe tapping, house shaking and romantically wistful songs filled with that sense of wander, and connects regions to remind us once again of the common bond of sound that keeps us linked together. There are many standout tracks on this album but I will mention just one so you can use your own judgment. The album features the previously unreleased “Amari Szi, Amari (Remix)” from Luminescent Orchestrii, a Brooklyn-based group whose repertoire is a combination of Romanian gypsy melodies, punk frenzy, salty tangos, hard-rocking klezmer, haunting Balkan harmony, hip-hop beats and Appalachian fiddle. I invite you to put on your headphones and feel free to aimlessly roam with the ebb and flow of Gypsy Groove.

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