Let me just tell you this, if you are in search of something to take your mind away from the everyday sounds and styles you are used to, go see Vieux play live anywhere. He and his band mates, combine the tradition Malian sound associated with Vieux’s father Ali, mix in its cousin the North American blues and now there are dashes and hints of Reggae and even rock and roll. I swear on the last song played, Chuck Berry jumped on stage at one point. Vieux is exciting to watch, whether it is playing his or his father’s guitar, dancing or flashing a brite smile into the crowd. At Wesleyan we were quite lucky as Mama Sissoko and Seckou Toure joined in on the magic making. Wesleyan was packed with a crowd of smiles, foot stomping and a deep puddle of self expression splashing in beat with Vieux triumphant sound of mother earth, and his motherland Mali.
This was a show were connection were made, I came away feeling more in synch with the very soil I walk on and the water I drink seems to trickle down from those very strings Ali Farka Toure once strummed, and now I am pleased to have Vieux pouring that water into our thirsty earholes.


Stay tuned for an upcoming conversation with Vieux and his team at Modiba Productions.

This is a FIVE STAR ***** Show. Not to be Missed!

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