Go Get ‘Em Pete.

Guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who has posted a statement on his website announcing the band’s intentions to record every show of their summer UK tour. Knowing that Who shows are currently bootlegged illegally, Townshend, with the approval of lead singer Roger Daltrey, conceived a plan to bootleg the shows himself and then donate the proceeds to charity. The band will also Web cast a live, 30-minute stream from every show for 99 cents, with the proceeds going to local health and children’s charities. Wow, this Townshend fellow is a hell of a guy! But, wait, he’s not quite done! 10 dollar lottery tickets will be sold at the shows for a chance to win the last guitar Pete ever smashed on stage, with that money benefiting the New Orleans Appeal. The band will also sell BitTorrent downloads and offer podcasts through iTunes. Why are they doing all of this? “BECAUSE WE FUCKING WELL CAN,Townshend states on his site.


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