Getting There From Here

In the middle set…people are said to have said..” You can’t get there from here” or so I have been told (They said)….the music selected here is a map to the destination….the landinG gear is optional, the way is yours….be sure to fold it up nicely when you get there:

Bear with Me- Cope
Bodega- Max Allen Band
Every Day’s the Same- Grand Marquis

Shine- Randall Bramblett
Really Don’t Know- Van Morrison
Could you Read- Last Good Truth
Scarlet Begonias- Great Caesar’s Ghost w/Butch Trucks (live)
Calling me Home- Donald Thomas
Minute by Minute- James Hunter
Waxing Unwaxed Lemons- the Gene Dudley Group

Case Quarter- Third Coast Kings
Swinging Grits- Orgone
Shutterbug- Otis Redding X Big Boi (Gummy Soul Remix)
Sound the Alarm- Booker T. Jones Ft. Mayer Hawthorne
Criminality- The Fontanelles

Sweet Like Nectar- the Kerbside Collection
Tricknologist- Redtenbacher’s Funkestra Ft. Jim Hunt
Stop Stuffin’ & Start Sho Nuffin’- Ray Witherspoon

All is Quiet- Directions In Groove
You can Make it if You Try- Global Noize
Suzy Q- the Sugarman 3
Dog Party- Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Cacha├ža- Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood


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