With Ed Alstrom on the Hammond. After one listen through, I have come to one conclusion thusfar, HOTT!! And now after several listens and some radio airplay, this album is easily a mainstay in my programming as it enters and exits sets of all kinds of music with a fluidity that isn’t easy to find. The album is very backyard on a summer’s day playful and downright groovin’ at times that you cannot help but shake the very things shakeable and sometimes breakable. There are many moods to the album within the grooves…Starting off with melodies rich in reflection and guitar licks (Charlie Jones) hotter than a Bar-B-Q pit, drum beats (Don Guinta) like a sidewinder snakes heartbeat~ and there are some highly ORGANic dashes that are equal parts soul refreshing and body moving and at times making the blues feel a little happy…..For me they style of “Booganova” is something I have loved for so long but never knew the word that went with he sound, in many moments on this album I am reminded that the reason I like musicians like Ed Alstrom is that they keep on re-defining the sounds I recognize pieces of, and turn them into a whole new thang. I believe this album has the power to do that for more people than me.

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