Get out of the way

Have you ever wished you had a way to get the other people on the road off…off the roads that is. I mean the middle lane is not meant for talking on the phone, or putting on make-up or even fininshing up that morning’s first cup of joe. GET OUT OF THE WAY. I speak from an every day experience of people think ing that they, yes they are the only ones on the road. It is similar to the way I see parents think ing that their kids are the only one in the schoolsystem, but I regress. I am not in a hurry and I have slowed the speed down considerable so just need these folks to move over, move away and most of all pay attention. Every year for my birthday and even for any holiday where gifts are exchanged I have asked for my very own road to all my destinations. I have yet to even see any results on this wish. It is no wonder why Christmas is such a drab day for me. Mr.G.
I guess the only way to go is to fly, oh yeah once again, NO WINGS on these shoulders…it’s always something.

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