Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers

It is always nice to make a live record on your favorite stage. And that is just what Geoff Achison did when he recorded 9 tracks at St. Andrews Hotel in Victoria Australia back in January of 2005. Now making his home in Atlanta via the beautiful land down under, Geoff and the Souldiggers are following in the tracks of their blues heroes by being on many a stage, be it at a club, in a festival or a local pub….any chance to work their craft. A guest guitarist at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peach Ranch for ten years, Geoff is an incredible song-man with a pedal-less style that is all in his hands. The organic nature of his music shines bright like the reflection of the sun off of Ayers rock and there is no moment more true to that then when you here it live. Souldiggin‘ is a perfect example of why people enjoy seeing the blues in a live setting. It’s music that you feel in your gut and like to see others doing the same. There is a pace to this album, it flows with speed at times but rolls with soul constantly. You can hear that there is something being shared amongst the crowd, and this album invites you to wipe off your feet and have a seat, you are at home now.
Jupiter 2 Records & Brilliant Productions 2007

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