FINALLY: THE DAY IS HERE: well almost…

Finally, after a LONG two but really three weeks of being on vacation from the airways, I will be back on this Saturday from 9am until 12 noon. Phew, it feels like an eternity. I have had the musical skeleton of this show completed for two almost three weeks now.

Farewell to free form funk-a-fied filth, but the sounds will be similiar.

Call us at 860-429-WHUS to donate some of your $$ to keep the US in WHUS.

Stay tuned coming up is RADIOTHON. Your chance to give back a little something something to the station for the wonderful public affairs programs many live for. For the countless hours, at all hours the staff spends preparing, recording, providing interviews with artists.and the list goes on. And your donation will not go unrewarded. Not only do you get all the aforementioned programming, and might I add it is not commercialized music, this is music programmed as far away from the commercial scene as possible…We also will have great gifts in return for your contribution. Cd’s, gift certificates for local establishments, and all sorts of unique premiums for your choice.

Stay tuned and dig into those pockets, your thirsty ears will thank you.

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