Euro-GROOVE…You gots it!

There are so many ways one can say get down and get groovy, across the borders and territory lines, people know how to explore fascinating fusions of sound and let it take them to the other places they only have been around in dreams. Putumayo’s Groove series has once again dipped into the salty European oceans to pull out ten treasured tracks from around the European scene that takes contemporary music with different languages and allowing the ears to hear them as birds whistling a sweet head-bouncing tune. A global groove. The people of this ever changing cultural continent seem to love the flow of cultural exchanges and what better to lead people to their synergies then through the music scene. The sounds are becoming as diverse as the people’s last names with influences of hip-hop, dance and electronic music. The continent is exploring its funky and exotic side with style and soul and it is eager to show it off to the rest of the world. And that my friends, is exactly what Putumayo Groove has done for us with this release. From the smooth electronic lounge jazz of the German duo Jazzamor to the Madrid based Guateque All Stars featuring Shiva encouraging us, the listeners to “Enter the circle and let’s twirl/Enter the circle and let’s go round and round”, this IS a record to drop everything and pick up with your get down.

Putumayo 2008 Euro-Groove

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