Esperanza Spalding Trio

There is a reason that Esperanza Spalding is usually smiling. Playing her music feels good- and it shows. An artist that goes about defining her music nightly with a voice of rhythm -n- blues jazz-scat painted with a distinct soul unique to Miss. Spalding. Her bass flirts with her vocals and creates a romantic sound captivating as it can be traditional at times, there was a sense of freedom both on the stage and in the crowd. The trio consisted of Mr. Leo Genovese on piano and Mr. Otis Brown III on percussion, and they were tight. From the moments Miss Spalding groove her way on stage, the happiness was contagious with layers of brilliance, beauty (both visual and auditory) and bold composition and arrangements and I would invite you to look into this artist who spends time playing bass for Herbie Hancock and drives her art down new unpaved paths that make her future one to keep an eye and ear on. Opening the evening off in the Wisconsin Union Theater was songstress and Gretchen Parlato with the wonderful guitarist and spirit, Mr. Lionel Loueke. The evening closed with a couple of pieces these unique artists collaborated on which showcased the openness of jazz music with an invitation for continual exploration. A stirring night of sound integration, just like the world palate presents us daily.


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