EOTO the night away…

The waves of sound were explosive at times with a deep crowd riding the beats of highs and lows. The improvisational music EOTO creates in a live setting in cerebral and danceable, while you are in the house…you be in Da House!! this night it was once again at the High Noon Saloon, a venue here in Madtown that features live entertainment 7 days a week…..that’s right, 7 days a week!! I met up with the winner of the 2 tickets there smiling and dancing…always nice to meet the listeners. With the loops rolling and the beats chasing the time, Jason Haan and Michael Travis had the landscape of people who were ready for this experience, outside of themselves in movement with colors shining and bodies showing off why they’re there. Imagine music that is made right before your eyes and reacts to how you act…it is as cool as it sounds! EOTO is definitely an act to behold in any live setting they lay day their unique style and sound.

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